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An Autumn 2020 Update

The seasons are changing and Fall is here.

Autumnal Connections When I last wrote in May, we were mid-way into pandemic crisis. At this point we are well established in pandemic life however that means. That may be working from home, unemployment, virtual school or hybrid, extreme isolation or deeper supportive pods. There is a lot going on with our reality right now.

In my life, walks have continued to be a mainstay. I've gone farther in my own neighborhood than I have ever explored and found a bunch of hidden woods in the vicinity that I spend hours exploring. I have loved being in nature. Wind rustling or screaming through the trees, colorful leaves raining down from the trees, moments jumping over a stream or laying on a large stone. It all feels amazing.

During the election season, I especially leaned harder into the woods. I found that space gave me a much deeper and fuller grounding than any one political moment. I am still involved with and connected to what is going on socially and politically. The woods make everything more expansive and can contain all of it. It can hold me and everything around me.

The woods have brought me great catharsis, clarity, connection, song and openness. I even found that songs would generate within me while I was in the woods in unique ways. I found myself recording things regularly for a little while. A unique song coming out of me. Singing with the wind and the trees.  An amazing epic harmony. I've added some of those on my new audio page "In the City" is one of the songs that came out on a recent walk.

I truly embrace and enjoy that harmony.

You can see this reflected a lot in my instagram page. If you need a peaceful moment, I suggest checking out one of the short videos I've posted on there.  I've shared striking moments that I've loved through videos and pictures. I've even included a couple of my nature pictures in my artist store. Two of my favorites are "Daytime Stars"  and "The Love".

Learning more about my artist self

It's interesting that when I look at my photography I now see overlap with my abstract paintings. I see resonance with the colors, shapes, sizes and movement. Especially with the movement. I never realized before, but perhaps my abstract art is a reflection of a deeper connection with elements that can also happen when I go out in the woods and go for walks.

In terms of painting, I've created a few new paintings, but mostly I've revisited with older work that I'm now highlighting on my website. "Middle of Nowhere" "Convergence", "Mindsweeps", "Spark Flow" and "Grounded Part" are all part of the new set of featured art.

Holiday sale and promotions on art

Thank you to everyone who has ordered masks and so many other things so far! It's been amazing to get pictures from you all. Please continue sharing those with me! And let me know if I can post them.

Pixels/Fine Art America continues to make new products. They have added masks without pleats and kids sizes, they have also added puzzles to the available products (especially good for anyone that has become a pandemic puzzler). Check out the site wide Holiday promotions coming up this month on Pixels/Fine Art America. All the promotions are listed on this blog post.

Last but not LEAST! New web domain and "Support the Artist" page

I have made some changes to my artist website, but most excitedly :-) :-).  I purchased my domain name! My website is now I am very proud of that. I now have a reliable portal to house all my different art. I've tweaked around the design a bit, but the biggest addition is that I've added a "Support the Artist" page. Take a look at it here.

What is art meaning to you today?

There is so much going on right now I'd love to know: Where are your hearts and minds these days? And how does art (the creation of or consumption of it)  interact with that for you?


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