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Exhibit Postponed, but the Journey continues!

Due to Covid19, this event will be postponed, but you can still be part of the journey.

Last year, I decided to start folding 1,000 cranes. I had read a few different stories about folding cranes, and that by folding 1,000 cranes you might receive a wish, or health or peace. I decided to do the cranes, because I was in the midst of a big transition in my life and knew that it was going to be a transformational year.

The crane folding was a way for me to be connected to the moment, create something beautiful and breathe new life into something in 1,000 different ways. What was more beautiful, was that different people helped fold some of the cranes along the way. It has became a vehicle of love, connection, transformation and life - each one unique and connected at the same time.

During this past year, I have also been coming into my own as an artist. My paintings capture different moments in my spirit transformations over the year. They embody: healing, connection, emotions, hopes, fears and so much more. The goal of this exhibit was to: display these paintings, engage with others in art creation, and have everyone take a piece of the journey back with them. The goal was never to hoard these cranes, but to send them back out. I intended for people to take cranes out into the world with them in some way. While the exhibit will have to happen at a later date, the cranes are ready to fly.

Send me your mailing address, I'll send you some cranes. I just ask that you send me a picture of them somewhere in the world -

The cranes may ultimately end up disintegrating in the outdoors, or going into the recycling, but I would love to share these moments and drops of beauty with you.

The journey continues until we meet again!

Love and regards,

Clily Artist Space


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